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and I wonder

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heyyy :)
i'm MarLa
from a place called Cebu.
i Love: my DAD, white roses, food, gifts, chocolates, special treatment, surprises, oreo doublestuf, my lil' bro, the color pink, the internet, books, holidays, traveling, music, dancing, My Heavenly Father. :)
i Hate: failures, rejection, tragic endings, Sunday nights, Monday mornings, broken promises, people who leave..

..Lots of Love! ♥
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Infinity Boardwalk found in Leyte, Philippines.

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Aaaaahh!! Wherreeee is this place?

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Wheeeerree??? Please tell me.

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everything personal♡

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..and i hear you say how much you love me and i wonder have you ever loved someone as much?


Good Vibes here

Damnn this is so nice please teach me.

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